Health + Wellbeing + Mindfulness 

We teach Tai Chi as a daily exercise (or practice) for body and mind... 
In the body it relaxes tension, and develops energy, strength and flexibility. 
In the mind it calms anxiety, and develops awareness and control of attention. 

St Albans
Tuesday (daytime)
Thursday (evening) 

Welwn Garden City 
 Friday (daytime)

Classes via TCF 
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Yin Yang, T'ai Chi, Taiji, Qi

Feel the difference in our classes 

We help you notice what changes inside you as you practice Tai Chi... 

The benefits of Tai Chi come from your increasing awareness of the internal Tai Chi principles, as much as your learning of the external Tai Chi form. 

"Tai Chi in the Park"

Clarence Park (St Albans) on Saturdays at 9.30am   

Anyone who knows our form is welcome - no teaching, just rounds 

Your first class with us is FREE! Contact us to find out more...