Energy + Relaxation + Mindfulness 

We teach Tai Chi as a 10-20 minute daily health routine for body and mind. 
In the body it increases energy, and allows relaxation with strength and flexibility. 
In the mind it reduces stress, and allows more present awareness (mindfulness).  

in the week before Summer term 
Welwyn Garden City: 
        Tue 28 April:   7.00pm      
     Fri 24 April: 10.00am 
St Albans: 
  Tue 28 April: 11.15am 
Thur 30 April: 7.00pm 

On-line classes only
until futher notice 

Experience a different type of class 

Not all Tai Chi classes are the same. To get the full benefits of Tai Chi you need teaching which transmits internal principles as well as the external choreography of the movements. We want you to feel for yourself the difference that makes. 

Try a 'taster' class without obligation... you pay only for the regular classes 

Saturday is a chance for Tai Chi outdoors, in Clarence Park, St Albans. 

Whatever the weather, someone will usually be there at 9.30am for "rounds".

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