Health + Wellbeing + Mindfulness 

We teach Tai Chi as a daily exercise for body and mind... 
In the body it relaxes tension, and increases energy, strength and flexibility. 
In the mind it calms anxiety, and increases present awareness (mindfulness). 

Online classes  
 Live on Thurs & Fri am 
(or watch recordings at any time) 
In person classes 
"No earlier than 17 May"  
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Your first class is FREE 
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qigong, taijiquan, chi kung, tai chi
Yin Yang, T'ai Chi, Taiji, Qi

Not all Tai Chi classes are the same 

We help you to experience Tai Chi as a feeling inside you... 

The benefits of Tai Chi come from focus on the internal principles of movement, as much as the external choreography of the form.  

"Practice in the Park"

Clarence Park (St Albans) on Saturdays at 9.30am   

Socially distanced outdoor practice rounds resumed on Sat 3 April 

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