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We teach in pairs or trios   

Our aim is to transmit the form and deeper principals of Tai Chi Chuan with clarity, precision and respect for its tradition - while keeping it simple and fun.

Kevin Lannon 

It was during a demonstration of various martial arts in 1988 that I first came across Tai Chi. I was touched with its gentle flowing movements. I was moved without understanding why! The experience affected me deeply, a seed was planted inside me. As we know, a seed can lay dormant for many years until the time is right to take root, so it was not until 1998 that I joined the St Albans School of Tai Chi Chuan. The years since then have been part of an ongoing investment in body / mind awareness, bringing consciousness to my being. To me Tai Chi is not just a martial art, it's a way of embodying nature's very essence.

Anne Marie Gent 

I joined the School of T'ai Chi Chuan in 2002 and began the teacher apprenticeship in 2006, receiving on-going training as a teacher through our annual Winter and Summer trainings. In Tai Chi, we re-connect with the natural way of life. Regular practice guides us back to embodied qualities that are often lost in the rush of everyday life - qualities like rootedness, alignment, relaxation and balance. These qualities increase life energy  (Qi) and enhance relationships with others and to the web of life. What I love about teaching is the connection we have when we all move together in our practice of Tai Chi. 

Griff Steer

Working away from home in St Albans, I was looking for something to do in the evening and thought I would try a local Tai Chi class. After only a few sessions I was completely hooked by this deep and powerful art. More than anything else practicing the slow and gentle movements have bought me a level of relaxation and internal awareness that I continue to marvel at. Being offered the chance to share this with others through teaching was something I never expected to happen, yet 15 years after starting my apprenticeship in 2006, I am still enjoying teaching and learning.

Mike Barkham 

When I started Tai Chi, many of my classes were taught by Kevin, Anne Marie and Griff, so it is a joy to now teach with them. I started practising and studying Tai Chi in 2007, and began my teaching apprenticeship in 2012. For me, the attraction of Tai Chi was always about creating more calmness in the mind via relaxation in the body. That is a journey I am still on. My favourite STCC teaching is that "the real Tai Chi starts when you finish your practice". It reminds me that we are practicing for real life. That is where you really want to be relaxed and flexible, grounded and stable, calm and centred in the Tan Tien.

Roger Noon is an experienced teacher at all levels, but currently only has limited availability for teaching 

Gail Lazarus has taught Tai Chi for many years, and has practised as an acupuncturist for even longer 

Shaun Ruck is a still a newish apprentice - he started teaching in 2019, just before the covid lockdown  
Rachel Sharpe
is our newest apprentice - she started teaching during 2022   

Joop Brouwer brought the School of Tai Chi Chuan to our St Albans location back in 1995, and all of us have at times been taught by him. He moved to Lancaster in 2013, but occasionally returns to run Saturday workshops (eg Sword or Qigong) 

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