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Here's our Autumn schedule*

View the flyer* for Autumn 2024

St Albans, Tues daytime
17 Sep - 26 Nov (NOT 29 Oct) 
Homewood Rd URC 
 11:15 B1 (New Beginners)
12:20 B2* (Second Third
13:25 Push Hands*  
(aka 'Tai Chi Conversation')  

Cost = £120 for 10 week term  

Beginners Level 

This level introduces our Tai Chi form.
It teaches the basic movements and core principles of Cheng Man Ch'ing's Tai Chi in three "thirds", ie B1, B2 & B3. Each third is taught  in a 10 week term, in bite size chunks each week. 

St Albans, Thurs evening
19 Sep - 28 Nov (NOT 31 Oct) 
Alban & Stephen Primary School 
7:00pm B1 (New Beginners) 
7:00pm B3* (Third Third) 

8:05pm Fundamentals* 
8:05pm Sword* 
Fundamentals Level

This level builds internal awareness.
It revisits the whole of Beginners level form with a focus on self-observation, and on making changes which allow you to truly embody the principles of Tai Chi in your personal practice of the form.  

Welwyn, Fri daytime
20 Sep - 29 Nov (NOT 1 Nov) 
Vineyard Barn 
  9:00 Sword*
  9:00 Fundamentals* 

10:05 B1 (New Beginners) 
10:05 B3* (Third Third)  

11:10 B2* (Second Third) 

Please ask about concessions 

Intermediate Level

This level deepens the meditation
It makes minor refinements to smooth out the transitions between individual postures. The form then becomes one continuous flow - an exchange of Yin and Yang that is like simply breathing. 

Some teachers teach groups nearer their homes. Email if interested: 
Anne Marie, Wed
 in Kimpton 
10am = B3 

Griff, Wed in Olney 

2pm = B1, 3pm = Fun 

Some US TCF schools teach online: 
Click here for course listings...  

Tai Chi 'conversation' 

This practices real life interactions. Also known as "Push Hands", this pairs practice teaches us how to stay relaxed while interacting with others. We learn to connect, listen, & respond, without feeling anxious or being defensive. 

*Class is provisional depending on enough sign-ups in week 1 of term 

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