Spring term 2020   

Tues (daytime) 
21 Jan - 31 Mar (NOT 18 Feb) 
St Albans 
Homewood Rd URC Hall 
  11.15am: Beginners 1 (B1) 
 12.25am: B2 
   1.30pm: Fundamentals  
Tues (evening) 
21 Jan - 31 Mar (NOT 18 Feb)  
Welwyn Garden City 
Homerswood School 
     7pm: Beginners 1 (B1) 
8.10pm: B2  
Thurs (evening) 
23 Jan - 2 Apr (NOT 20 Feb) 
St Albans 
Alban & Stephen Junior School 
     7pm: Beginners 1 (B1) 
     7pm: B3 
pm: B2 
8.10pm: Sensing Hands 
Fri (daytime) 
24 Jan - 3 Apr (NOT 21 Feb) 
Welwyn Garden City
The Vineyard Barn 
  8.50am: Sensing Hands 
10.05am: Beginners 1 (B1) 
10.05am: Fundamentals 
 11.20am: Post Intermediate  

On-line classes only
until futher notice 

Download our SUMMER 2020 flyer for next term's dates + provisional schedule. 

All levels cost £100 for a term of 10 weeks (OAPs/students £85) 

Proposed classes will be confirmed after week 1. Timings allow for a few minutes changeover between classes.

Beginners Level 

This level of classes introduces the principles of Tai Chi and teaches the movements of the 37 posture short form in three "thirds", ie B1, B2 & B3. Each third is taught  in a 10 week term, in bite size chunks each week. 

Fundamentals Level

Fundamentals level reviews the Beginners level form with a focus on truly embodying the core principles of Tai Chi in your personal practice. It works on the internal experience (vs external appearance) of each move. 

Sensing Hands

Also described as "Push Hands", this pairs practice teaches us how we can stay relaxed in contact with others. We connect and respond to them, without feeling anxious or threatened by them. It's a great practice for real life!  

Intermediate Level

Intermediate level smooths out the transitions between individual postures, so the form becomes one continuous flowing movement. This makes minor changes to the form, and a big change to the internal experience of practice.