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TCF (Tai Chi Foundation) is currently offering... 

Free (to TCF members) monthly 'Time in the Art' classes: Click here 

Non-members can pay per class. 

Free (with voluntary donation) 'at home' Qigong [Ch'i Kung]: Click here 

Over a 3 week period we ask you to spend a few minutes each day doing specific Qigong exercises. This will help you tune your inner energy using the energy of the season - knowing others around the world are doing the same thing at the same time. 

European Summer Training 2024 [Mon 12 - Sun 18 Aug]: Click here 

TCF's Summer Training is an intensive experience, led by TCF's most senior teachers - our "legacy holders". It is a whole week of Tai Chi and Qigong, which is a great way to deepen your practice - or for some people, a perfect introduction to Tai Chi.


in August 2024 we will be back at Dean Close school, near Cheltenham - a location we've used for two years. Dates for your diary are Mon 11 - Sun 18 Aug.

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