Get a full term's worth of Tai Chi in one week! 


The European Summer Training can be a great introduction to Tai Chi, or a perfect way to deepen your practice. It is led by TCF's most senior teachers - our "legacy holders". 

In 2019* it ran from Mon 5 Aug to Sun 11 Aug in Sardinia. 

Students arrive for registration before dinner on Monday. There's an initial welcome talk, followed by an initial get together for each class group with their teaching team. 

Tues to Sat there are two classes of Tai Chi per day - one am and one pm - so the 5 days are equivalent to a full term's teaching. There's other Tai Chi stuff during the day for those who want it (eg Qigong, Sensing Hands, Meditation, Hawaiian swimming), or you can take time to chill or explore the local area as you would on any other holiday. 

On Sat night there is a party after classes, and everyone leaves on Sun morning. 

Here is a link to the 2019* BROCHURE 

* NB: We will update as soon as we have dates & a new brochure for 2020