The Tai Chi Foundation (TCF) is currently offering

Free (weekly) live online classes: 

Water Qigong for Winter: Ends 14 Jan 

This is an at-home programme for tuning into the Winter energy of the Water element. 


Spend 10 minutes per day as a minimum, or up to an optimum of 21 minutes per day, doing these exercises to tune into your (inner) nature - knowing hundreds of others around the world are doing the same thing. To sign up visit

European Summer Training: Aug (tbc) 

Summer Training is usually a residential experience, led by TCF's most senior teachers - our "legacy holders". It is a whole week of Tai Chi and Qigong, which is a great way to deepen your practice - or for some people, a perfect introduction to Tai Chi. 

In 2020 and 2021, TCF went online, and the video slide show will give you a flavour of that event. However we hope to return to an in-person event in Aug 2022 (tbc).