Our Tai Chi comes via the Tai Chi Foundation 

TCF's "roots" are in Cheng Man Ch'ing 



The video on this page is original film of Cheng Man Ch'ing - the master who brought our Tai Chi out of China in the early 1960s - filmed not long before his death. To see free videos of current senior TCF teachers demonstrating various forms of our Tai Chi, click on this link to TCF's website: taichifoundation.org/videos 

We are taught by the most senior TCF teachers at our regular teacher trainings. We call them our "legacy holders" because they are our direct link to Cheng Man Ch'ing, via one of his senior students in the US, Patrick Watson, who personally taught them. 

Patrick Watson already had a long history in various martial arts when in 1966 he began to study with Cheng Man Ch'ing. After Professor Cheng’s death in 1975, Patrick founded the School of Tai Chi Chuan specifically to train new teachers. He guided STCC's international growth until his death in 1992. STCC later became the TCF. 
TCF's "branches" are schools like us   


The links below take you to websites for a selection of sister schools in Europe / US:



7 minutes of rare film from the 1970s