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Some Tai Chi imagery and photos of real students 

Flow like water

The flow is smooth but unstoppable

Be rooted like a tree

The weight is in the roots UNDER the ground

Be held from above

Imagine a string from the top of your head, so you can hang like a plumb line

Be soft yet strong

The soft fist makes a strong connection

Class at Vineyard Barn (1)

The opening Yin Yang breath reminds us to breathe into the centre throughout the form

Class at Vineyard Barn (2)

The whole class moves together into Twey

Push Hands / Sensing Hands

We call this two person work Sensing Hands

Tai Chi in the park

Saturday morning in Clarence Park

Tai Chi on the beach

Proving Tai Chi can be practised anywhere!

Cheng Man Ch'ing

We teach Professor Cheng Man Ch'ing's Short Form Yang Style

The 37 postures in our form

A compilation showing Cheng Man Ch'ing in each posture, also showing their names

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